Then and Now Photos

Carol Simpson, Joan Lazarov, Carol Wagner, Midge Gary, Penny Woellert,Louise Sherman

 Sue Michaud,?, Nancy Wood, Evelyn Huff and Phyllis Oren

Brownies Circa 1950: Carol Simpson, Joan Lazarov, Carol Wagner, Midge Gary, Penny Woellert, Kathy Sharp, Louise Sherman,

Sue Michaud,?, Nancy Wood and Evelyn Huff

Cindy Gismond, Lorraine Corvino, Ellen Sherman, Louise Sherman and Nancy Gismond.


Ted Curtis - August 2010

Mike Brady & Ted Curtis

August 2010

Roberta Danzi Matera & Mike Brady


Seaside Heights, NJ (1959-1960) From Top Left: Jasey Raspanti Giordano, Kitty Herman, Richie King, Randy Eyler, Ted Curtis, Gary Giordano, Jackie Law, Mike Brady & Richie Hirsch.


Ted Curtis with his grandsons Preston and Lawson.


Wendy at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 

Wendy & brother Billy

Phyllis Oren, Louise Sherman, Tommy Romans, mystery clown, Wendy Trauth

Mike NOW
 Mike Marlies Now!
 Mike Marlies Then!


Senior Prom-May 27, 1960                          Spring Dance-Ted Curtis, Sue McCue (Teaneck)

Ted Curtis, Richie Hirsch & Randy Eyler            Kathy Dunlap & Randy Eyler