Louise Sherman

Profile Updated: October 23, 2010
Residing In: Leonia, NJ USA
Spouse/Partner: David Jones
Occupation: retired school librarian
Children: Elizabeth Marshall b. 1968
Jessica Marlies b. 1969
Yes! Attending Reunion

College, three marriages, two children, five grandchildren, several years on a farm in NH, graduate school at Columbia, a career as school librarian in what used to be Leonia Elementary School (now Anna C. Scott School), as well as a professional storyteller and book reviewer. Now I divide my time between my same old house in Leonia; my 76 acre farm in North Carolina with its chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese; and a "widebeam narrowboat" on the river Great Ouse in Ely, England. I have rediscovered bicycling - spent several weeks cycling in England in 2008 covering distances younger stronger cyclists do in a day, and hope to do more long trips in the future.

School Story:

Senior Prom: Tony Fletcher and I were thrown out of French class for dueling with pins (French was in the sewing room) but as we were told to leave but not sent to the principal we went walking around town and happened to drop in on Jim Ludowise who had tickets to the prom that night that he wasn't able to use (he'd been ill with mono, I believe). He offered them to us and though Tony wasn't interested in going I was and since I'd been to a prom at Princeton the week before, I had a dress. So, I went back to LHS and proceeded to ask anyone I thought might be fun to go with and wasn't part of a known couple. Bob Kay said he'd go, we got a ride with Wendy Trauth and Jack Bodman and had a great time.

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May 01, 2020 at 8:33 AM

I am so very sorry to receive this news. Though we’ve been in our seventies for years now, I somehow thought we’d have many more years to get together and reminisce as well as have more good times together. Vicki was my best friend for years! Practically from the time her family moved to Leonia (in elementary school?) and all through high school. Her father took me out to Chinese restaurants with her - my family never ate at restaurants so it was a rare and exciting experience. I remember her mother so vividly. I remember talking with Vicki about her feelings about being adopted. She and I became “blood sisters” something we must have learned about in a movie or book we read. We shared the unforgettable experience of finding a maggot Infested dead rat on an afternoon in the park by the Hudson River where her father had taken us. We both lost our fathers when we were in High School. We talked about the boys on whom we had crushes. We both did some acting though she did much more and was much better.  I can still see her singing “I don’t want to talk small talk” in a presentation I was somehow involved in. At graduation she and I were part of a small group that sang some songs. During college, I spent a day at Bellevue and went to some classes with her. I still remember a lecture about Tuberculosis there.  I know through her marriage and family she had a wonderful life professionally and personally and had so much fulfillment in being a mother and grandmother. Her family’s loss is incalculable but for me, part of my youth is now gone. I am so very sorry. Louise (Sussy) Sherman

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Posted: Mar 10, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Me and David, my husband
Posted: Mar 10, 2014 at 12:00 AM
2007: My sisters Ellen and Hope, their husbands, my younger daughter, her husband, and her younger son, my niece, her husband and me and my husband
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:26 AM